South Australian Regional Level Rectreation and Sport Facilities Planning Guidelines

South Australian Regional Level Rectreation and Sport Facilities Planning Guidelines

Completed: 2016

Client: Local Government Rectreation Forum

The South Australian Regional Level Recreation and Sport Facilities Planning Guidelines were commissioned by the Local Government Recreation Forum in partnership with the Office for Recreation and Sport and the Local Government Association of South Australia.

The objective of the Guidelines was to provide a platform for improved planning and decision making, which will ultimately provide South Australians with better places to play and encourage greater participation in sport and recreation.

The overriding challenge for sport and all levels of government is the ability to continue to provide and maintain major sport and recreation facilities to the level required by the community and sporting organisations.

These Guidelines are intended to support government, sport and regional stakeholders to appropriately scope, plan, design, budget and deliver a network of quality and sustainable regional level recreation and sports facilities across South Australia.

Extensive consultation with a range of stakeholders including Local Governments, State Government Departments and State Sporting Organisations was undertaken to develop the Guidelines. The facilitation of ongoing regional partner collaboration through all stages of project development and delivery was an overwhelming outcome of consultation.


• Phases of development
• Governance
• Strategic Intent
• Understanding and meeting the needs
• Partnerships
• Design
• Costing and Funding sources
• Management
• Measuring Success
• Case Studies