Western Metropolitan Football Facilities Strategy

Western Metropolitan Football Facilities Strategy

Completed: 2016

Client: AFL Victoria and 5 Project Partner LGA’s

AFL Victoria, in association with five western region Local Government Authorities, community football leagues and local football clubs  collaborated to develop an integrated and strategic approach to the  provision of football facilities across the Western Metropolitan Region.

The Western Metropolitan Region Football Facilities Strategy addresses current and future infrastructure demand to support the growth of football,  as well as establishing clear objectives to guide future investment into community football facilities.

The Strategy identifies and assesses local and regional football facility  needs to guide future investment that collectively meets government,  football and community stakeholder objectives.

The Strategy provides a coordinated and aligned approach to developing  a future program of facility provision to help optimise planning policies and resource allocation, facility usage levels, and improve club financial  viability and sustainability. In addition, the Strategy ensures greater access to higher quality facilities for the region’s current and future residential population, critical as the population changes and participation, particularly female participation, grows.

  • Extensive consultation with local, regional and state government, sport and community sectors.
  • An audit of all existing facilities across the region examined facility conditions and provision against the AFL Preferred Facility Guidelines and Australian Standards.
  • 5 key objectives identified to guide football facility investment from local club level to regional facility provision.