Monash Active Recreation Opportunities Strategy

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Monash Active Recreation Opportunities Strategy

Completed: 2021

Client: City of Monash

The Active Recreation Opportunities Strategy creates more opportunities for the residents of the City of Monash to be active ‘in their own way’.

We worked with the City of Monash to establish the Active Recreation Opportunities Strategy through a detailed needs analysis, community engagement and strategy development process.

The initial stage of this project included on-site auditing of the active recreation infrastructure in over 60 parks and reserves using our Sports Facility Auditor application.

The development of an Active Recreation Framework enabled us to plan for the future investment of $11.8 million into active recreation infrastructure in more than 30 sites across the City of Monash.

The network approach to planning for the future active recreation needs of the City of Monash ensures that all residents will have access to new opportunities to participate as the Strategy is implemented.

In addition to infrastructure recommendations, the Strategy recommends a series of programs and initiatives that support active recreation through increased promotion and improved partnerships with stakeholders and the community.

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Project included:

  • On-site auditing
  • Plan for future investment
  • Infrastructure recommendations

The strategy and all supporting documentation can be found in the link below