The Paddocks Master Plan


Completed: 2019

Client: City of Salisbury

The Paddocks is one of the most significant sporting, open space, and wetland areas within Salisbury. The Paddocks Precinct provides a wide range of recreational opportunities to both local and regional communities, with playing fields, courts, clubrooms and facilities for soccer, Australian Rules football, cricket (turf wicket), netball and lawn bowls.

The need to develop a comprehensive strategic masterplan for the Paddocks was driven by:

  1. The age and condition of existing assets and infrastructure within the precinct;
  2. The imminent relocation of the Para Hills Community Centre to Wilkinson Road, Para Hills;
  3. Community safety concerns;
  4. The identification of the southern suburbs of the City as a future growth area in Council’s Growth Action Plan;
  5. Changing requirements of sporting clubs utilising the precinct; and
  6. The need to guide and coordinate Council and community investment in the precinct (e.g. grant funding opportunities).

The masterplan for The Paddocks has incorporated detailed demand and supply analysis, site analysis and review of current stormwater requirements and capacity now and in the future. An extensive community consultation process was also undertaken to capture the potential supply and demand requirements for the precinct.

The Master Plan was undertaken in conjunction with WAX Design, DesignFlow, Ian Robertson Design and Chris Sale Consulting.