AFL Preferred Facility Guidelines (2024)


AFL Preferred Facility Guidelines (2024)

Completed: 2024

Client: AFL

The AFL Preferred Facility Guidelines (‘the Guidelines’) provides guidance to leagues, clubs, schools and councils on the development of community football facilities. The Guidelines outline the preferred requirements for State League, Regional and Local level facilities.  Information on change room sizes, lighting requirements, ground sizes amongst a range of facilities that support football form the key components of the Guidelines.

The Guidelines were initially developed in 2012 to provide direction for the development of new facilities and/or those being considered for major refurbishment or redevelopment.  insideEDGE provided an updated set of Guidelines in 2019 to recognise changing trends in community facilities, and incorporated advice on inclusive amenities, innovation in ground surface technology (i.e. hybrid and synthetic turf) and modular pavilion and amenity buildings.

The 2024 edition builds on the previous versions and reinforces the need for access, equity and sustainability across all venues.  It also provides a greater focus on the stages of project planning and supports the need to better cater for and support the umpiring community through more fit-for-purpose infrastructure.