AFL Preferred Facility Guidelines (2019)


Preferred Facility Guidelines for State, Regional, School, Remote Facilities (2019)

Completed: 2019

Client: AFL

The AFL Preferred Facilities Guidelines outline the preferred facility requirements for State League, Regional and Local level football facilities. The Guidelines were initially developed in 2012 to provide direction for the development of new facilities and/or those being considered for major refurbishment or redevelopment.  The 2019 Guidelines aim to recognise the changing trends in football participation, program and facility delivery across Australia.

The Guidelines can be used by all stakeholders involved in the planning and management of State, Regional, Local, School and Remote level football facilities as a key tool during the planning phase of a project and assume an assessment has been undertaken to identify the need for a new / upgraded facility. They also provide relevant guidance, particularly around spatial requirements that can inform concept and/or master planning processes.

The Guidelines consist of the following key elements:

Preferred facility guidelines: Details information on the range of Australian Football facility and amenity provision across playing fields, lighting, pavilions, change facilities and other match-day and competition amenities.  This section is best used when planning new sites and when preparing site and venue improvement or master plans.

Case studies: Showcase successful venue improvement or facility provision projects and the positive impact they can have on football.  Case studies provide practical examples of how facilities can be adapted or improved, understand the benefits achieved and used to demonstrate and promote innovative options for venue improvement.

Quick guide: Provides a consolidated summary of all preferred facility and amenity provision (including dimensions) for venues across the AFL Community Facility Hierarchy.  The Quick Guide can assist in evaluating existing facilities that are seeking to achieve a higher level of provision than currently exists, supporting development of funding applications and informing facility design or architectural briefs.

Appendices: Refers to further technical information on ground surface management and modular building options.  References in the Appendices provide access to additional technical information that ground managers, land owners and technical consultants can use and adapt to support sustainable management and facility provision.

insideEDGE - AFL Preferred Facility Guidelines (2019)

This 2019 preferred facility guidelines aim to recognise changing trends in the facility space. These trends include:

  • The growth in female participation and the subsequent need to address amenity provision and provide welcoming, inclusive club environments;
  • Innovation in facility and ground surface design; and
  • The need to access an increasing number of venues to address ground capacity issues.