SFA AFL Facility Audit Refresh 2019

SFA Audit Progress Map

2019 Audit Refresh

As per previous years, we are looking to target the months of October / November to action an audit refresh across all venues in Australia.  In a high majority of venues, it is expected that an audit will be able to be refreshed as a desktop exercise, giving attention to key areas we must focus on such as for example, has a venue now become female friendly.

This data is incredibly important in wide ranging ways, not least of which being the backbone behind our funding commitment long term for facilities development.

Please find a high level summary of the process below, along with a contact from the AFL Sports Facility Auditor system, that can support you all through the process.

Training Materials


Contact your State / Regional Manager who will be able to provide this information to you. The list of states and contacts is provided below.

SA – Lisa Faraci
VIC – Jessie Doull
NSW / ACT – Matt Baigent
WA – Tom Bottrell
QLD – Christian Hunt
TAS – Damian Gill
NT – Stuart Totham

Yes. Every site will be reset as an incomplete audit and turn orange on the map.
All site information must be reviewed within the SFA program in order to be considered a current and complete audit.

Green = Completed audit
Orange / Yellow = Incomplete audit
Red = Not started audit