Queensland Rugby Union Facility Strategy 2020-30

Project Background

Queensland Rugby Union (QRU) has commissioned the Queensland Rugby Union Facility Strategy (‘the Strategy’) to guide the future planning and development of community rugby facilities throughout metropolitan, country and rural Queensland.

The Strategy will provide a framework for the provision, development and improvement of rugby infrastructure.  It will be used by stakeholders to guide the planning, development and investment into enhanced rugby facilities across the state for the next 10 years.

Queensland leads Australia’s rugby participation and with future growth and development of rugby at all levels anticipated, innovative and sustainable ways in which to play and foster the game are required.  The Strategy will provide an evidence base, identifying the facility needs for the sport and will provide a prioritised road map for future facility provision.

The Strategy will focus on identifying opportunities to improve existing rugby infrastructure, as well as identify areas and locations for new facilities where growth in participation is identified.  The Strategy will be underpinned by the detailed assessment of current infrastructure and the analysis of population demographics and rugby participation trends and needs.  Facility hierarchies and planning frameworks for all Queensland Rugby regions will be developed to inform future recommendations.

The Strategy sets out the broad facility needs of the game and identifies investment priorities, giving a clear message to the game and its key funding partners.  The project has been fully funded by the Queensland Government with implementation resources provided by QRU, demonstrating an aligned commitment to support the sport and the Queensland rugby community.

Key Objectives

  • Research and understand the existing spread of rugby union participation and analyse the potential future demand for the sport in Queensland.
  • Analyse data from the rugby facility audits conducted across Queensland clubs and venues to understand current facility provision, gaps, trends and development priorities.
  • Analyse the impact current and projected participation and population growth will have on rugby facility provision requirements across the state.
  • Develop a strategic framework for the planning and development of rugby infrastructure across metropolitan, country and rural Queensland.
  • Identify specific regional and hierarchical facility needs, key issues and facility development priorities.
  • Ensure future facility planning and investment aligns with Australian Rugby and Queensland Rugby game development and participation initiatives, and programming and investment priorities.
  • Establish a prioritised facility development implementation plan (including regional facility project priorities) with clear direction for premier rugby, rugby regions and local government authorities.
  • A comprehensive consultation and engagement program inclusive of stakeholders from government, rugby, education and community sectors.

Project outputs

  • An audit report of all existing facilities across Queensland that assesses location, catchment, provision, condition and analyses compliance with Australian and Queensland Rugby requirements and selected criteria.
  • Document a facility hierarchy for existing, proposed and planned venues inclusive of preferred facility standards, facility components, management models, catchment area(s) and potential partnership opportunities.
  • A review of rugby development strategies for Queensland and identify opportunities for improved collaboration.
  • Provide mapping of existing rugby facilities, grouped by region and association, with potential sites and locations for the improvement, upgrade or new development identified to meet QRU objectives.
  • Identification of participation ‘hot spots’ through participant mapping in order to assess future facility demands and potential areas for growth.
  • A prioritised Implementation Plan including key infrastructure projects by region to guide future stakeholder investment, resourcing and commitment.

Project Partners and Reach

The Queensland Rugby Union Facilities Strategy 2020-2030 will cover the geographical area of Queensland.

To support the development of the Strategy, there is a need to consult with key user groups and stakeholders across the state and ensure that future recommendations and actions are responding to the needs of these groups.

Detailed engagement will be undertaken throughout the development of the Strategy, which will include consultation with:

  • Australian Rugby
  • Neighbouring Rugby bodies – New South Wales Rugby Union
  • Queensland Country Rugby Union
  • Rugby Union Associations
  • Queensland Rugby Foundation
  • Queensland Government – Office for Sport
  • Local Government Authorities
  • Other state sporting bodies such as Touch Football Queensland

Stakeholders and partners will be kept informed of project progress and opportunities for engagement via this webpage.


Queensland Rugby Union Facilities Strategy 2020-2030 is anticipated to take 12 months to develop, with a final adopted Strategy due in July 2020.
The following schedule provides an overview of project timing.

In October and November 2019, project consultants insideEDGE will be assessing the alignment required to guide strategic directions as well as analysing data captured through the facility audit.

It is anticipated that online surveys targeted to local government and Rugby Union Associations will also be distributed over this period.


For further information, please contact Queensland Rugby Services Unit on 0414 273 014 or via email Gaven Head – General Manager Community Rugby at Queensland Rugby Union at Gaven.Head@redsrugby.com.au.