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The AFL National Audit Program saw the development of a facility database using insideEDGE’s Sports Facility Auditor Program (SFA). SFA-AFL provides us with onsite auditing capability and allows all of our regional, state-territory and national staff to assess venue provision and conditions, and identify facility investment requirements to meet current and future demand.

The use of SFA-AFL and the ongoing access to up-to-date data has enhanced our planning significantly and provides our sport with a fantastic data resource that ultimately supports clubs, leagues and local councils to meet the needs of the football communities they represent. Ken Gannon, National Facility Manager, AFL


  • Database of all playing fields from remote sites in the NT to the MCG
  • Audit checklists prepared for local, regional, state and AFL match venues
  • Site specific compliance and infrastructure ratings for all venues
  • National benchmarking by State-Territory, league and local government area
  • Assessment of female friendly compliant amenities
  • Venue improvement project and investment tracking
  • Mapping of all venues and associated facility elements
  • Presentation of information via data dashboards



Sub-section C: Test Pilot Program

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