insideEDGE + Power BI: Bringing Analytics To Life

insideEDGE Sport and Leisure Planning is an industry leader in developing evidence-based strategies through in-depth data analysis and consultation.  Our focus on innovation led to the creation of Sports Facility Auditor, providing a technology solution for sport and government clients to capture data at over 11,000 sports facilities.

We have now further increased our data analytics capabilities to provide our clients with access to the insights that drive successful strategies.

Developed using Microsoft Power BI, we are producing interactive dashboards and mapping outputs that make powerful data analysis available at the click of a button.

As a free, publicly accessible tool for the sport, government and community sectors, we have developed a 2016-2031 Local Government Population Projections Power BI dashboard.

Click on the button below the image to view the interactive dashboard.

Our Power BI development capabilities include:

  • Development of dashboards based on client-owned and/or publicly available datasets
  • Creation of dashboards connected with our Sports Facility Auditor application, with the capability for daily data updates to keep insights current
  • Development of dashboards to inform strategy development, trend analysis, consultation analysis and mapping outputs, with clients able to receive copies of Power BI outputs developed during their projects
  • In-depth community consultation insights captured using Surveymonkey (or client-based consultation platforms) and analysed in Power BI

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