Growing The Heartland Football Facilities Development Strategy (2017-2022)

Growing The Heartland Football Facilities Development Strategy (2017-2022)

Completed: 2017

Client: AFL Victoria

The initial Heartland Strategy was released to the Victorian community in 2014 but required review to ensure its strategic directions aligned with the AFL’s funding cycle. The review involved retaining many of the original strategic positions and initiatives previously identified whilst addressing recent trends and developments that had occurred since the original Strategy was developed.

These trends included identifying initiatives to manage the rapid growth in female football, incorporating strategic directions from the new AFL Victoria Strategic Plan, recognising Governments’ enhanced focus on female participation, unisex and universal design and access for all abilities, providing new priorities to combat the increased financial pressures faced by local government through reduced funding and the introduction of rate capping and acknowledging the rapid demographic change in some areas of the state.

The revised Strategy It was purposely developed as a simple and direct document that identifies key priorities based on detailed consultation. The intent of the Strategy is to provide themes for more detailed and specific work to be undertaken at a regional/league level. It will also guide AFL Victoria’s investment and resources in the planning and development of facilities across the State.


“Key project highlights were insideEDGE’sability to combine new trends and AFL national directions in to a Strategy that is consistent with its first version. insideEDGE are committed and efficient with our project work and have excellent technical expertise, project management, consultation and reporting skills.”
Shayne Ward, Government Partnerships and Facilities Manager AFL Victoria